Top Shelter - Removal/Installation - CBR 1000RR8 DIY

This Do It Yourself (DIY) article describes how to remove the top shelter on a 2008 CBR1000RR Honda Fireblade motorcycle.
This job is normally done for fuel system inspection or as part of valve clearance inspection.

Time, Tools and Parts

This is an easy DIY task which. A first timer may spend 45 minutes on it, an experienced may do it in 10 minutes.

Tools and Parts needed: qwe

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Top Shelter - Removal

1 Place the bike in upright position so you have easy access to both sides and to the front. You may do the job using the side stand only, but upright is easier.

2 Remove seat and side covers.

3 Lift the top shelter as described in the following:

3.1 Unscrew the two rear screws (image below left) and two front screws (image below right) which holds the top shelter in place.
ts01_small.jpg ts02_small.jpg
Just leave the rubber grommets in the screw-holes of the top shelter

3.2 Grab the bottom edge of the top shelter on both sides with your hands. Pull a little outwards and then upwards with a tug sufficient to get the shelter rim at the tank filling hole loosened from the rubber gromet.
ts03_small.jpg ts04_small.jpg
The top shelter can then be lifted up and and away from the bike. On the image above left you can see 3 of the four plastic tabs (marked with green arrows) inside the tank filling hole which are the reason for the tug you had to apply to loosen the top shelter.
The image above right shows the inside of the right side. Here you can see how the right air cleaner cover is mounted to the top shelter.

The images below shows the bike with the top shelter removed.
ts05_small.jpg ts06_small.jpg ts07_small.jpg

4 Top Shelter - Installation

Installation procedure is same as removal procedure in reversed order.

4.1 Smear a little dish washer soap on the inside of the tank filler hole in the top shelter and press it onto the rubber seal arround the tank hole.

4.2 Smear a little cobber grease on the threads of the four mounting screws to prevent corrosion and mount the bolts.

5 Reconnect the Battery.

6 Remount Seat and Side Covers.


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