Upper Inner Covers, Removal/Installation - CBR 1000RR8 DIY

This Do It Yourself (DIY) article describes how to remove/install the upper inner covers on a 2008 CBR1000RR Honda Fireblade motorcycle. Theese covers must typically be removed before the middle cowls can be removed.

Important: The only thing which requires a little force here is when you press the center of the trim clips to release them. All other actions require very little force if you do it right. Hence if things don't come apart when you apply gentle force, then stop and check the text and pictures again.

Time and Tools

This is an easy DIY task. A first timer may spend 15 to 20 minutes doing it, an experienced less than two minutes.

Tools needed:

Removing Upper Inner Cover - Left Side

Remove the three type 2 trim clips holding the panel: Press on the center of each trim clip with a pointy tool to release it, as shown on the below left image. Then gently pull the bottom of the panel 1 cm inwards towards the center of the bike and push it a little back again. This will press the clips out so they are easy to remove with a tweezer.
Release the plastic tabs along the upper edge (image below middle). Be carefull not to brake the tabs.
Lift the panel away upwards and while doing this, release the small rubber tab on the rear side of the rubber band from the grove in the panel.
uic01_small.jpg uic02_small.jpg uic03_small.jpg
The above right image shows the rubber band with tab.

Remove the rubber band as shown below left. It comes off quite easily. The image below middle shows the removed panel and the three clips. The right image shows the rubber band.
uic04_small.jpg uic05_small.jpg uic06_small.jpg

The two images below shows how it looks when the inner panel has been removed and you look straight down on the inside of the air duct. The arrows on the right image points out the two trim clip holes for the rear end of the inner panel. The third hole is not visible on theese images.
uic07_small.jpg uic08_small.jpg

Removing Upper Inner Cover - Right Side

Same procedure as for left side.


Installation procedure is same as removal procedure in reversed order.
See about trim clips handling.

You are invited to participate with review, questions and discussion via this - link to come - thread on www.fireblades.org or this - link to come - thread on www.1000rr.net.

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